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    Intellectual property rights are property related to the creations of human intelligence. We provide services for IPR registration in India.

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    A trademark, distinguishing one company from another, is any word, sign, or mark that can identify the origin of goods or services. Every business has multiple trademarks. We help you register it and work to implement them.

    The right to a work of literary, musical, cinematographic, or software code arises at the time of its creation and remains with the creator. The Registrar of Copyrights maintains a register of all copyrights and issues a certificate as conclusive proof of ownership of the copyright.

    An invention of goods or industrial process, which is unique and is prior art, may be patented in the name of the inventor or a specified applicant. A patent is an exclusive right to use it or authorize others to use it for 20 years. We file patents within hours of complete documentation.