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  • GST Registration or Return Filling In India

    Every business with an annual aggregate turnover of over Rs. 20 Lakhs must register for GST. It usually takes between 2-6 working days within which GST registration is confirmed by the GSTIN, However we provide Temporary Registration Number(TRN) which is generated instantly.

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    GST Registration in India

    Under the GST regime, the tax is levied at every point of sale/value addition. All taxpayers are registered on a unified portal for compliance and administration purposes. They are assigned registration under a single authority. On registration, all the taxpayers are assigned a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). GST Council has prescribed 20 Lakhs of turnover to be the threshold limit for registration under GST.

    However, for northeastern states, it is 10 Lakhs. The registration must be applied within 30 days of reaching the threshold limit. Those who are not registered under GST will not be allowed to collect GST from customers or claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) on inward supplies. Registration is online but very difficult and should be done only by professionals.


    Important Points For GST Registration

    Mandatory Under Law

    For Specific Tax Payers, The Registration Under GST Is Mandatory Based On The Nature Of The Transaction Or The Turnover.

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    To Avail Input Tax Credit

    Registration Is Must To Avail The Input Credit Of Gst On Purchase Of Goods Or Services Taken For The Business.

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    To Make Inter-state Supply

    The Supply Of Goods By And Between Different States Is Not Permitted Without Gst Registration Number On Invoice.

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    Document Required For GST Registration

      Owner's PAN card

      Owner's Aadhar card

      Owner's photograph

      Proof of address

      Bank account details

      Utility bills

      PAN Card of partners (If involved)

      Nature of Good/Services

      Contact details(Contact no. and mail id)


    Can a person get voluntarily registered under GST even though he is not liable?

    Yes. You may opt for voluntary registration under GST even if you are not liable to be registered. All the provisions of GST applicable to a registered taxable person will similarly apply to you also, i.e. you will be treated as a normal taxable person.

    Can a business operate across India with one GST number?

    As per GST Law, GST authorities do not permit to operate GST Tax process with one GST registration if different types of business (different verticals) are carried on one state or different states

    Is PAN mandatory for registering under GST?

    Yes. PAN is mandatory for normal taxpayers and casual taxable persons to be registered under GST. However, PAN is not mandatory for a non-resident taxable person for obtaining registration.

    What is the validity of GST certificate?

    Once GST certificate is granted, the registration is valid until its surrendered or cancelled or suspended. Only GST certificate issued to non-resident taxable person and casual taxable person have a validity period.

    Can an unregistered business collect GST from customers?

    No, an unregistered person without GSTIN cannot collect GST from customers or claim input tax credit of GST paid.