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  • Fundraising

    Fundraising is a process. Startups need to fund themselves through a series of investments or capital raising. As the business grows, its capital requirements also increase.

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    While everyone recognizes that getting money into your organization is important, the fundraiser's role is often undervalued. It shouldn't be. Without sufficient funding, groups may struggle to get their important message across, provide their services, or actually survive as a group.

    Fundraising activities can determine the future of your organization. A strong fundraising effort can ensure that there is enough money to support all of your activities; Poor performance can lead to wastage of money and threaten the very existence of your organization.

    Find Supporters: Get support for your venture through investors and contributors who share your vision for change. Non-Equity Funding: You can opt for Rewards/Donation Crowdfunding which allows you to raise funds without giving any share in your venture. Market test your product/service: Raising funds through pre-sale allows you to test the demand/acceptance of your product in the market. Large network of investors: Through our Singapore-based partner, Fundnell, we have a large network of investors based in India and South Asia who can invest in your venture.